Welcome to Florida Seawalls & Docks

On our site you will find information regarding the building, maintenance and repair of your Florida Seawall or Dock. We also provide weather updates and information with building permit requirements in Florida. Much of Florida’s distinctive character lies in the beauty of our coastline. We have the responsibility as Florida home & business owners to protect these coastlines. There are several reasons to keep our seawalls and docks well maintained.

  • Keep from eroding our coastline
  • Ensure your home, families and or business are safe from collapse due to an unstable seawall or damaged dock
  • Protect your property from storm and hurricane damage
  • Prevent damage by high level waters from stom surges and other elements
  • Preventative maintenance of your docks and seawalls

Florida homeowners and developers are looking at new ways to protect their properties due to the frequency of storms and hurricanes. The challenges of owning waterfront property include storm surges, hurricanes and much more causing erosion, UV damage to traditional materials, corrosion of aluminum, steel, and deterioration caused by marine borers that thrive on pressure-treated lumber.

Seawalls are a vital structure for those home & business owners who live or operate close to the water and rely on the wall to protect their homes and businesses from water damage. The constant movements of the ground and ocean floor, combined with the battering of the wall by the elements can often lead to unsightly cracks and an unstable surface.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to repair a damaged or failing seawall. Waiting too long will only cost you more in the long run. It’s much more cost effective to repair a seawall than to replace it. The proper maintenance of your docks is equally as important to protect your waterfront home or business.

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